Three Energy Myths Busted in 2015

Three Energy Myths Busted in 2015

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There’s nothing worse than not really knowing all you need to know about energy conservation but hey, that’ s what I’m here for. So sit back and relax and let me share with you the three myths in the energy world that were busted in 2015.

I’m sure you always wondered what conserves the most energy: putting your computer in sleep mode or turning it off. Well, I can bust the myth for you here and let you know that both modes save both money and energy which is a win-win all together but obviously turning your computer off when you aren’t using it would save more energy than running your computer in sleep mode. I’m guessing the computer in question is a desktop and so I would say to save the most money just go ahead and turn your computer off.

Closing your air vents when nobody is in those rooms in your house would seem like another great idea when it comes to saving money on your energy bill but actually, the opposite occurs. Closing those air vents makes your A/C unit work even more, causing your energy bill to go up in cost. Therefore, the best option in this situation is to just keep your vents open in all rooms regardless of whether they are occupied because it will at least ensure that your AC unit doesn’t have to overwork itself to make up for those vents being closed.

Most people believe that switching your AC unit to fan would cause it to lower your energy bill to be lower since ceiling fans tend to lower your energy bill. In this case, the same doesn’t apply. The best way to save on your energy bill is by making sure your AC is turned to auto because this will turn off the entire unit including the fan when your house reaches the desired temperature set on your thermostat.

Other myths that need to be mentioned in order for you to save the most on your energy bill are that closing the doors to rooms saves energy. Today’s AC units don’t work the same way as using a heating source so this is false. Close the blinds at night to insulate your home during the winter weather because it further ensures the heat stays within your walls. Using up to two space heaters in your home at the same time would cost the same amount as heating your entire house with a gas system. Therefore, your best bet is to only use space heaters in one room at a time. The greatest thing you should take from all these myths is that if you can turn off a device in order to save money, please do.

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