The Basic Facts of Air Conditioner Repair

Not everyone is qualified to be an air conditioner repair technician or an electrician. One small mistake in this area can cause more problems and financial headaches. Not to mention that your home could literally go up in flames. Your home HVAC is really a complicated system that should only be handled by a licensed and insured technician. A licensed technician has been through a rigorous educational program that gives them the ability to solve the issue in the best way possible.

There are many people that chose to not have regular maintenance on their heating and cooling system. Some of them are valid reasons such as not having the money to do so. Many people live paycheck to paycheck and can’t even afford a cup of coffee in the morning. When these people have problems with their air conditioner or need an electrician, they usually call on a friend who is knowledgable in those areas to try and fix the problem. Now, some may be able to get the job done, which is great. However, for others, it can cause more problems that could have been prevented.

For most people in Florida, there is a good chance that you are paying the price on your electric bill as a result of poor ac maintenance. Taking the time to have a trained and licensed technician come in and perform regularly scheduled maintenance on your HVAC system, can spot those problems and correct them before it really costs you. AC repairs can be rather costly, depending on the problem, so it is advisable to work with a highly trained and licensed HVAC technician to guarantee superior work. At Romark AC & Plumbing, our AC system tune-up is only $69. If you can somehow muster up $69, it can be money well spent.

Summertime in Florida means dealing with excessive heat that can be well into the ’90s with feels like temperatures into the 100’s. This can be extremely unbearable if your air conditioner suddenly stops blowing cold air. Nobody should have to suffer in the extreme Florida heat that can last for up to three months out of the year.

If the AC isn’t responding or failing to create cooling and comfort when you need it, that is a problem that needs to be corrected immediately. Now, if you are living paycheck to paycheck, and you cannot afford the money it would cost to pay a licensed AC technician to come out and look at your system, we get it. Borrowing several box fans and placing them around the house might be the only option for you. 

Hire a heating and ac professionals that are licensed and reputable. Ask your friends who they recommend as the best choice. Chances are they will be more reputable than your AC contractor that advertises on TV or worst, on Craigslist.

Only a licensed technician who has good morals will tell you the truth about whether your AC system needs to be replaced in its entirety. Listen to your AC professional. They did not spend all of that money to go to school to learn this trade and get licensed just to throw money out the window.

Trust the HVAC Experts of Romark AC & Plumbing in Palm Beach County

Romark AC & Plumbing is your one-stop resource for quality HVAC repair, installation, and maintenance in Palm Beach County. Our team of experienced and licensed professionals works hard to keep you sweat-free during these hot Florida summers. To learn more about our services, contact Romark AC & Plumbing at 561.758.9022, or you can book an appointment online using the form below.


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