Summertime Tips to Protect Your Home While on Summer Vacation

Family-owned Romark AC & Plumbing recommends that West Palm Beach residents follow these summertime tips while they are away on vacation.

For most people, summertime is a time to relax with family and take that summer vacation. When you leave your home for any length time, you want to have some peace of mind that there will be no disasters to deal with. Disasters such as a flooded bathroom or an unexpected fire can be prevented by taking a few simple steps such as the following:

  • Unplug all appliances: This will allow you to save money on your electric bill and reduce the risk of a fire. Unplug all electronics like the TV, stereo and computers and major appliances like the stove, microwave, washing machine, and dryer. If your water heater has a setting called vacation mode, then turn it on to save energy.
  • Program the thermostat: Set the temperature so it’s higher than the normal comfort level while you’re away but still safe for pets and plants. You can set the air conditioning to return to normal a few hours before you expect to arrive home. With a smart thermostat, you can even dial in the timing with remote access or adjust your home temp to changing weather conditions.
  • Keep your lights on at night: If you have smart technology, you can program your lights inside and outside of your house to turn on at night. Intruders tend to target homes at night that are dark, this will give the impression to outsiders that someone is home. Coming home and finding your home has been burglarized is very unsettling.
  • Check all the windows and doors: Make sure they’re shut and secure to keep out burglars, bugs and bad weather. You’ll also be saving energy – and money on your next utility bill.
  • Turn off the water: Turn off the valves to the dishwasher, washing machine and bathroom, and kitchen sinks. Nobody will be in the house using it, so why risk any damage from any leaks that may occur?
  • Check smoke detectors: Make sure they’re all working. Change the batteries if you have any doubts.
  • Emergency contact: Have a close friend or family member that you trust to visit your home during your absence to pick up the mail, check for accidents and water the plants. Do not trust just anybody to the keys to your home while you are away. You should also provide your friend with contact information and details of your itinerary in the event of an emergency. A regular presence deters uninvited curiosity, and your contact can notify you or law enforcement in case of an emergency.

Taking these few simple steps can provide you the peace of mind and save you from any anxiety so you can enjoy your vacation.

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