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8 Energy Efficient Tips To Stay Safe During Cold Weather Months

8 Energy Efficient Tips To Stay Safe During Cold Weather Months

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To think of Florida with cold weather is as rare as thinking of a hurricane in the middle of New Jersey but it’s real, yet rare. It can happen. This past weekend, we finally got a touch of cold air (mostly at night). Boy, was it refreshing but what a tease Florida weather is. When the cold weather does decide to hit our state, fast and hard, you will need to keep these eight safety tips in mind for energy-efficient ways to save money on your energy bill. (Fingers crossed, it will be cold on Thanksgiving).

First, space heaters are for limited use and not to be used as a primary heat source and run constantly. Plus, if you run them constantly, they short your fuses. And there’s nothing worse than having no electricity in the middle of winter. So take heed and only use space heaters when absolutely needed.

Next, turn the heater to warm people, and not empty space. The last thing you want is something in your home to catch fire from the heat blowing on it. It happens. Just google it if you don’t believe me. In the same way, you should keep heaters at least three feet away from bedding, clothing, draperies, bedding, rugs and furniture to prevent a fire from starting.

Furthermore, don’t let your kids and pets near the heater. Make sure to supervise your kids when you have a space heater on to avoid them from getting electrocuted or burned by it, or in an extreme case, starting a fire with it. Same goes for your furry friends. Make sure to watch leaving a heater near them because they may kick it over and cause a fire to start.

Following this point, keep heaters away from water or water sources to avoid electric shock. When you leave the room for more than five minutes, turn off and unplug the heater because space heaters are for the heating of people and not really space. They should really be called people warmers instead of space heaters but I wasn’t involved in the invention process of this greatly innovative appliance so I can’t help you there.

Along this line, extension cords and space heaters are the most dangerous mixture known to man. Avoid this combination at all costs. Consider purchasing a heater that turns off automatically so that you can ensure that if it were to tip over, a fire wouldn’t start in your home.

These eight tips should not only cut down on your winter energy bill but they may just help you avoid the overall possibility of a house fire during the short-lived winter season featuring the rare appearance of cold weather and temperatures. If you are unsure if your house or business is ready for the upcoming winter season, consider signing up for a free energy review from us. This appointment will offer you lasting recommendations to help you save money and energy in the long-term and that’s a definite win-win.

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