Some More Tips to Beat the Heat This Summer

South Florida heat is something even natives have become quite used to. However, for our transplants from the north, the summer heat is proving to be unbearable for them. So they become hermits staying inside.

People complain every day that “It is hot. I can’t take this heat.” So most people just stay inside with the air conditioner running. You got to come out sometimes, but I can’t stay out here too long.

For those of us that choose to stay inside with the air conditioner keeping us cool there are a few things that we can do to make sure our AC units are running smoothly. The first is professional routine maintenance at least every six months.

Running your AC 24 hours a day during the summer months can prove expensive. If you are living in a mobile home, you are probably paying well over $100 for the month in electricity. All thanks to running your air conditioner. If you are like most hard working people that are living paycheck to paycheck, and cannot afford to even run your air conditioner, you are probably running out to the store and buying two or three box fans to run throughout your home. That is if your home is small enough such as a mobile home.

Robert Yoder of Romark AC & Plumbing says it’s a good idea to keep the coils on the outdoor unit clean by rinsing them periodically. As algae starts growing inside of your P-trap, use about a half cup of vinegar and pour it down the little P-trap. This will kill the algae, clean the P-trap, and allow it to drain.

For more tips and advice for AC maintenance, contact Romark AC & Plumbing today to schedule your appointment for an AC tune up. It is only $69! While your technician is with you, he can give you a lot other tips that you can do yourself to maintain you AC unit to keep it blowing nice and cold during those hot summer months.

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