Protecting Your Outdoor Air Conditioner Before a Hurricane Hits

Protect your air conditioning systems before the storm hits.

Cover any outdoor air conditioners or condensing units with a tarp or plywood to protect the air conditioner from flying debris. Secure any outdoor air conditioners with hurricane straps, if necessary to protect them from high winds.

Before the storm hits, lower your thermostat to so you can pre-cool your home. You will be able to stay cool longer after the power goes out, or until you turn on your generator if you have one.

When the storm his, be sure to turn off your air conditioner during a hurricane. Leaving it on while you are having constant power interruptions can cause more damage to the system. It places a lot of pressure on the compressor and many other integral parts of your AC when your system shuts off suddenly and turns back on when power is restored.

After the Storm, Keep These Questions to Keep in Mind

  • Was the A/C unit ever underwater?
  • Are all lines (refrigerant and electrical) intact, or is there damage?
  • Has the unit been hit by falling trees or other windblown objects?
  • Can you detect and is there any evidence of electrical smoke?
  • Do you hear a clicking sound or loud buzzing noises coming from the AC?
  • Are the fan and vents clear of debris?

Got questions about how to protect your air conditioner during a hurricane? Call Romark AC & Plumbing today at 561.758.9022.

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