A Home Generator Will Never Leave You In The Dark

A Home Generator Will Never Leave You In The Dark

You might be breathing a sigh of relief the last few years with mild hurricane seasons due to the strong El Nino in the Pacific ocean. As you know it only takes one hurricane to make landfall to wreak havoc on your lives. A hurricane, or even just a severe thunderstorm can pack strong winds that can knock out power. The next few months starting on June 1st are notorious for damaging thunderstorms that could spawn unpredictable tornadoes. At Romark A/C and Plumbing, we want you to be prepared.

While being “off grid” may sound freeing for a moment, are you really prepared to lose electricity, lights, heat, A/C, water, electronic usage
and food storage and preparation capabilities for hours or possibly days? Romark A/C and Plumbing can help you select and install whole house back-up generators offering peace of mind and so much more:

  • Permanent wiring to your home so there won’t be excess extension cords.
  • Fully automatic transfer switch kicks on when it detects a drop in the voltage from your utility line. Within 10 seconds of a power
    outage, the generator turns on to restore electricity to your entire home and you don’t even need to be anywhere near!
  • Once the electrical grid comes back online, your generator immediately switches back to standby mode.
  • Whole home generators require little maintenance to operate efficiently. Conveniently fueled by your home’s existing natural gas supply.
  • Quiet with a noise level well below that of portable generators. Be sure to ask us about our generator repair services, as well as generators to keep your business on grid too!

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