Conserving Energy: Easy and Efficient Ways To Do So

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With energy bills being so high lately, looking for ways to conserve energy and in turn, lower your energy bill. Easy things to consider when lowering your energy bill are obvious ways such as:

  • Consider taking short showers instead of long ones.
  • Reduce your time in the shower
  • Don’t let the water run… (You can save on your water bill, too).
  • For most laundry loads, use cold water.


Other ways to save include switching your ceiling fan to turn in a counter-clockwise direction in the summer and clockwise during the winter months but on a low speed. Change your air filter at least once a month which will also help your air conditioner run at its peak. Switch your thermostat to auto in order to save money and energy. Block the sun from entering your home! Insulate your walls and your attic to further conserve on energy and money in the long-term. Use ceiling fans but turn them off when you leave as ceiling fans only cool down people and not rooms. Consider raising the temperature on the thermostat to save on cooling costs.

Stop using standard light bulbs and instead replace them with compact florescent light bulbs which are more energy efficient but give off the exact same amount of light. Utilize lamp shades that broadcast light against two walls instead of one. Consider using timers for your lights. And always turn off the lights when you aren’t in the room or you leave the house. You truly don’t own the electric company, like the age-old parental adage says.

Using microwave ovens and toasters to warm leftovers uses less energy than heating food in a conventional oven. Set your refrigerator temperature between thirty and forty-two degrees Fahrenheit, if possible. Replace all refrigerators bought in 1990 with more energy efficient models such as Energy Star models. Keep dust out of the refrigerator coils and if you find dust in the coils, the next time you clean your house make sure to clean this dust out in order so the refrigerator doesn’t have to work as hard to keep contents inside it cool. Keep your freezer full. It uses less energy than one without anything inside it.

Wash and dry several loads of clothes at once. This is a time-tested energy efficient truth. Yes, it can get annoying to have to wash everyone’s clothes together but you’ll be thankful you did when that energy bill comes. Turn off your dishwasher after the wash cycle and let your dishes air dry. This prevents using too much electricity and avoids having your dishwasher heat up the kitchen. Wash all your clothes in cold water because it works just as well as hot water with laundry detergent and overall this will save you about forty cents per laundry load.

Overall, these and many other tips will not only conserve you energy but save you money. Who knows maybe you’ll save up enough money to go on that cruise to the Bahamas you’ve been wanting to take for years. Bon voyage!

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