Carbon Monoxide: The Silent Killer

It seems as fall has officially arrived. I can’t believe it. The cool mornings and the mild afternoons are great. With this mind, my advice is to make sure you take time to celebrate the small victories. If you forget to stop and acknowledge what you have done, you may get to a point where you forget what you were actually working for in the first place. By the way, that is what the holidays are for anyway.

While we are at the beginning of Fall, it is time to start thinking about winter time tune ups. With these cold snaps, we all need to have our heating systems in good working order to keep the cold air outside while at the same time minimizing any health risks. One of the most important reasons to have your heating system maintained regularly is to protect against the threat of carbon monoxide. A key part of a heating maintenance visit is to inspect your heat exchanger for cracks or holes. If these problems are not detected and corrected while still minor, they can become a major safety issue.

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