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Bonomi hydraulic application valves

Bonomi’s line of high-pressure carbon steel ball valves for use in hydraulic applications come in two-way and three-way configurations with a choice of NPT or SAE thread end connections. Both the two-way valves (3200 Series NPT/3300 Series SAE) and the three-way valves (3400 Series NPT/3500 Series SAE) are available in 3/8” through 1” sizes. Rated working pressures range from 5,145 to 7,350 psi. The valves are 100% tested to rated pressure in the open and closed position before shipping. While a lever handle is standard, an integral ISO 5211 mounting pad simplifies actuation on the new valves. They are also available in factory-assembled automated valve packages with Valbia electric or pneumatic actuators.

Bonomi North America.

Source: PM Magazine Plumbing News

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