Myth or not? Ceiling fans reduce air conditioning costs

Myth or not? Ceiling fans reduce air conditioning costs

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This in fact is not a myth because ceiling fans can help you reduce your cooling costs as they allow you to turn your air conditioner’s thermostat up and still feel content in your own home.  The breeze increases the evaporation of moisture from your skin making you feel serener than you would without it. Conversely, there’s a small drawback. Ceiling fans cool people down, but they don’t lower the temperature in the room. Be careful to not throw money away by leaving the ceiling fans on when no one is around. This can also be dangerous in the rare case that the ceiling fan ends up falling from the ceiling or they can start a fire. By the way, the same advice applies to portable fans, like standing floor fans. Turn off a fan when you leave that particular room because depending on the speed of the fan, you can save about three to seven dollars.

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