American Standard smart toilet (KBIS/IBS Preview)

American Standard’s DXV AT200 smart toilet and AT100 bidet seat offer a range of automated functions. When the user approaches, the seat lid opens automatically. All cleansing functions are enabled by a sensor as soon as the user sits down on the seat, which has adjustable heating for additional comfort. When the user departs, the lid closes and the toilet automatically flushes. It incorporates a soft night light in the bowl and in the area around the feet. Both feature two separate nozzles for natural and convenient front and rear cleansing. American Standard. Booth #W1547

Source: PM Magazine Kitchen and Bath

Lenova thermostatic shower panel (KBIS/IBS Preview)

Lenova’s Thermostatic Shower Panel is an all-inclusive shower system that offers a rain shower top, multiple body sprayers, and a hand-held shower. The single-handle design offers high pressure resistance and dual control over both water flow and temperature. The system provides stability over water temperature, maintaining temperatures within 1°F, even when the rain shower and body sprayers are used simultaneously. As an added safety measure, its handle stays cool even when the water is hot. Available in a stainless steel finish, it measures 50 by 8 inches with a 19-inch showerhead depth.

Lenova. Booth #W143

Source: PM Magazine Kitchen and Bath

Maintaining Your AC: It’s Just Common Sense

Having your heating and air conditioning system tuned up regularly is a good idea. The equipment is expensive and complicated. Like any heavy financial investment, it’s smart to have an expert you can trust give it a tune-up to make sure that everything is operating at peak performance and efficiency. But even more important than the expense of replacing a dead AC system is the comfort and safety of your family. It’s winter time here in Florida, and the temperatures this year are going up and down like a yo-yo. This can put excessive wear and tear on your system for when you need it the most, for those extended cold snaps or heat waves. No one wants to face the fact of not having a reliable heating and cooling system when you need it the most. 

At Romark A/C & Plumbing, it’s our job to understand the importance of having a reliable air conditioning system is our customers. We created our A/C tune up that offers regular, scheduled tune-ups based on a 21-point checklist to make sure our customers’ systems are ready when necessary. But it was also important to us to provide a good value. With that Continue reading


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