Watco IdealLav Strainer Drain

Watco’s IdealLav drain includes a grid strainer and a stopper. The removable grid strainer is installed with an O-ring and is easily replaceable without removing the lavatory drain. The replaceable grid keeps the drain looking good and prevents hair and jewelry from entering the drain. The drain also features an internal stopper that seats below the grid strainer and holds water overnight. Available in plastic or brass, the drain fits standard sinks with overflows and is ideal for new installations or replacements.

Watco. www.watcomfg.com

Source: PM Magazine Kitchen and Bath

5 Signs that You Need Heating Repairs

Sometimes when your furnace needs repair, it is clear that you need to call a trained and licensed air conditioner technician right away. Other times it is not as obvious. At Romark A/C & Plumbing, we have identified the following top 5 instances when you will need to repair your heating and cooling system.

Thermostat Does Not Work

If you are running your thermostat on full blast all day long and still getting chilled at night, you will want to have your furnace looked at. Even small changes in thermostat settings should be enough to heat your house and if you are running it at a high temperature all the time without much result, your furnace is not running as efficiently as it should be.

Your Electric Bills Are through the Roof

A sudden spike in your monthly electric bills is a good sign that your furnace is not running as well as it should be, and you will want to call in a professional immediately so that you and your family can live comfortably again without paying too much for it.

Breathing Trouble Is Common

A furnace that needs repairs is often manifest through the health of the Continue reading


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Common Mistakes People Make when Installing an Air Conditioning System

Installing an air conditioning system seems easy enough to someone who understands how it works. However, there are mistakes that can be made that can result in damage to the unit, as well as having a unit that does not run efficiently. When it comes to air conditioning installation in West Palm Beach, it is important that the job is done right the first time. Here are a few common mistakes that people make when trying to install their own air conditioning system.

Incorrect Placement

What may seem like the most convenient place to install an air conditioning unit may not be the most efficient for your home. Installing the unit in the wrong part of your home may result in the unit working too hard to force cold air where it needs to go. Not only will this raise your power bill, but it may also burn the unit out faster, costing you more money over time. Even if it seems unsightly, your air conditioner will work better if it has a bit of shade, instead of being in the direct sunlight for a large portion of the day.

Purchasing the Wrong Size

Many people buy into the misconception Continue reading


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