Regular Plumbing and AC Maintenance and Troubleshooting is Always a Good Idea

When you own a home, proper maintenance of your heating and cooling systems and plumbing are necessary. It helps you to conserve water and save on energy bills. Having faulty-working plumbing parts cause more expensive issues later, and throw money out of the window. If you are living paycheck-to-paycheck as most people do, you cannot afford to spend money unnecessarily.

Plumbing leaks not only affect your pipes and water pressure, but they can also cause damage to your home. Many people fall into the habit of forgetting about their plumbing when it’s working well. This also goes for your air conditioner. If it is working well, then don’t fix it. Then all of a sudden something happens that creates an emergency, and we go into a panic mode. All of that can be avoided by having your plumbing and HVAC systems looked at on regular bases. Preventative maintenance is low-cost to make sure that everything stays in working order.

Know the System

The first thing the new homeowner should do is learn where their plumbing is and how it works. A surprising number of people, for example, don’t know where their septic tank or its drainage field are located. They Continue reading


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8 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool Without Using The Air Conditioner

Summer is here and the temperatures are rising. However, if you are on a tight budget like most people, you are probably getting worried about turning on your air conditioner to keep your home comfortable. Here are eight ways that you can easily implement to keep your house cool and you more comfortable without burning a hole in your wallet.

Our ancestors before us have found ways to stay cool, even in the hottest climates, without even using the air conditioner. Take a page from that playbook to keep your home comfortable without relying on energy-intensive resources by incorporating the ideas below.

large window open and white curtain blowing inside

Open the windows

Generally, if your house is decently insulated, keep the windows and blinds closed when the sun is shining. More specifically, keep the windows closed when the outside temperature is hotter than it is inside, and open the windows when it’s cooler outside than inside. However, opening the windows and creating a cross-breeze is one of the most effective ways to cool a home, especially when you combine it with the other ideas mentioned in this article such as box fans. If you have ever been to a tropical resort, they typically do not install AC’s Continue reading


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4 Costly Mistakes That You Are Making With Your Air Conditioner

Summertime is the time of year for bbq’s, going to the beach, and other outdoor activities. However, dealing with excessive South Florida heat can cause tempers to rise. In fact, recent studies have found that people get angry or grumpy during times of excessive heat as stress hormones that may rise in tandem with the thermometer. According to the researchers, they saw cortisol circulating in the body during warm weather.

That is why when the AC goes out during the summer, AC repair technicians are dealing with the brunt of rude customers whose tempers are flaring as a result of the heat. This is why technicians have thick skin to be able to take a lot from customers. That goes to show that we take advantage of having a working AC to keep us cool and comfortable. Our mental health relies on an air conditioner that is working at peak capacity with no issues. After all, a malfunctioning AC unit is both physically and financially brutal.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make sure both you and your air conditioner are happy and mentally sane during these long hot summer months and beyond.

Change your air Continue reading


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