Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist for the Fall Season

Check on filters, belts, and pullies.

During a long hot summer, the filters will be extremely dirty and in dire need of a cleaning. Also, belts and pullies will become worn out and will need to be replaced.

Clean condensation lines and evaporator coils

This lines and coils become clogged with moisture and dust which will cause your AC not to run at peak efficiency. A licensed AC technician can check for these and make sure they are clean.

Make sure drain pans and drainage lines are clear.

Standing water left in the pain will cause mold to accumulate in your system. And if your drain lines are clogged, you can have an overflow in the spring and a big mess on your hands.

Tighten any loose electrical connections

Check your refrigerant.

If it is low, you may have a leak somewhere that needs to be fixed. A trained AC technician can look for this and fix it.

If you notice your AC is running but not cooling, this is something that needs to be corrected ASAP.

Clean your ducts and filters.

Not keeping your ducts clean can lead to major unnecessary health problems.

Make sure your blowers and blades have proper air flow

Check the overall condition of the equipment.

Protect your outdoor units from the elements, especially if you have a major hurricane threatening or just a severe thunderstorm rolling throw your area.

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