4 Costly Mistakes That You Are Making With Your Air Conditioner

Summertime is the time of year for bbq’s, going to the beach, and other outdoor activities. However, dealing with excessive South Florida heat can cause tempers to rise. In fact, recent studies have found that people get angry or grumpy during times of excessive heat as stress hormones that may rise in tandem with the thermometer. According to the researchers, they saw cortisol circulating in the body during warm weather.

That is why when the AC goes out during the summer, AC repair technicians are dealing with the brunt of rude customers whose tempers are flaring as a result of the heat. This is why technicians have thick skin to be able to take a lot from customers. That goes to show that we take advantage of having a working AC to keep us cool and comfortable. Our mental health relies on an air conditioner that is working at peak capacity with no issues. After all, a malfunctioning AC unit is both physically and financially brutal.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make sure both you and your air conditioner are happy and mentally sane during these long hot summer months and beyond.

Change your air filter

Not changing your air filter in your air conditioner can lead to system inefficiency & failure. When your air filter becomes dirty and clogged with debris, air cannot flow through properly. This is the number one reason for system inefficiency and failure. This can cause added strain on the fan motor which can cause it to overheat and eventually fail to operate.

Here are averages that might help you know how often you should change the air filter at home:

  1. Vacation home or single occupant and no pets or allergies: every 6-12 months.
  2. “Average” suburban home without pets: every 90 days.
  3. Add a dog or cat: every 60 days.
  4. Add more than one pet or anyone has allergies: 20-45 days.

Clean Your Coils

When the coils of your air conditioner are coated with dust, dirt, or other debris, the warm air is not removed as effectively. In order to keep your energy costs low and reduce undue strain on your air conditioning unit, it is important to clean your coils about once per calendar year. However, in between visits, the condenser coils can be cleaned by removing large debris and rinsing the coils with a hose, after shutting the power off.

Set Your Thermostat to 78 degrees when you are at home

During the hot summer months, it is generally recommended that you set your home’s cooling system thermostat to 78 degrees Fahrenheit when you are home. If you will be out of the house for four or more hours, consider raising the setting so the cooling system so that it only comes on if the temperature tops 88 degrees Fahrenheit.

Schedule That Preventative AC Tune-Up

Most air conditioning systems use a refrigerant that absorbs heat from the house and disperses it outdoors. However, small amounts of refrigerant can escape over time, causing decreased efficiency. You’ll likely need a professional to determine whether or not you’re running low. Schedule an appointment with an HVAC professional who can test your AC system and adjust refrigerant levels to the proper amounts. Your pocket book and your sweat glands will thank you!

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