Sloan automatic sink faucet

Sloan’s EFX380 BASYS automatic sink faucet with turbine energy-harvesting technology has the versatility to meet any application with varying sensor types with flow rates ranging from 0.35 gpm to 1.5 gpm. The faucets provide interchangeability of components with a single tool, and their turbine technology generates hydroelectric power that reduces demand on batteries, potentially extending battery life up to 10 years and lowering costs. The faucet features single-hole installation, an integral water supply shutoff, and flexible high-pressure supply hoses with 3/8” compression connections. Finish options include polished brass, satin chrome and brushed nickel.


Source: PM Magazine Kitchen and Bath

American Standard NextGen Selectronic faucet

American Standard’s NextGen Selectronic faucet line features SmarTherm technology that incorporates an ASSE 1070-certified thermostatic hot water temperature limiter in the faucet. The models are available without mixing, with above-deck mixing, and with ADM plus SmarTherm. The integrated design incorporates the electronics in the spout, eliminating the need for a control box below the deck. This shortens the installation time because only the water connections are made under the sink. Power options include: CR-P2 lithium battery, PWRX 10-year battery, plug-in and hard-wired AC, or multi-AC power plus a battery backup.

American Standard.

Source: PM Magazine Kitchen and Bath

ProVent Systems firestop coupling

ProVent Systems’ ProSet embedded firestop coupling can control drain-waste-vent-pipe expansion and contraction problems in multistory buildings when it is anchored into a concrete floor or restrained using a special riser clamp. It has a complete line of systems for piping penetrations, encompassing all of the major construction systems and types of pipe. The penetrators can be used in a variety of other non-fire rated applications. The EZ Mechanical Flex coupling also can accommodate any movement of DWV pipe between two floors through the flexibility of its 3” and 4” sizes. The incorporation of Trap Guard allows users to specify an emergency or specialty drain system wherever there is a need, without worrying about the requirement for a trap primer or venting. All of these penetrations incorporate integrated fire stopping, smoke proofing, and waterproofing.

ProVent Systems.

Source: PM Magazine Plumbing News