What To Do When Your A/C Loses Control

As a Florida native myself, I’m not sure how it happens but the A/C just gets tired of cooling down my house and it starts pushing out warm air. When this happens, I always turn off my A/C, give it about thirty minutes to an hour break, and then I turn it back on. This usually fixes the issue.

Yet, sometimes the issue can be as strange as replacing your A/C with new controls and the A/C will only run if both the temperature and the humidity settings are exceeded. What should you do then? Good question. The air conditioner only turns on if it meets the set points on either the thermostat or the humidistat.

Some steps to take to reconfigure these settings on your new controls for your air conditioner:

  • Check to see if the temperature alone turns on the air conditioner.

Set the humidistat to the highest relative humidity requirement. Then, set the thermostat to the lowest temperature setting. If the air conditioner turns on after a few minutes, the thermostat can control the air conditioner by itself.


  • Check to see if relative humidity alone turns on the air conditioner.

Set the thermostat cooling setting to Continue reading