A/C Tune Up Special

A/C Tune Up Special

Don’t let the summer months be unbearable. Perform a tune up on your air conditioning unit now to stay cool during the summer.

The Romark A/C & Plumbing tune up consists of a comprehensive 21 point checklist to make sure your air conditioner is running at peak and efficient performance.

  • Check thermostat
  • Inspect filters
  • Check disconnects and tighten connections
  • Check blower wheel, belts, and bearings
  • Check temperature rise
  • Record outdoor temperature
  • Record refrigerant pressures (suction and liquid)
  • Check for refrigerant oil spots
  • Check oil in sight glass (if available)
  • Check for cycling control
  • Check electrical heat
  • Check oil and clean outdoor (if needed)
  • Record AMP draws compressor, condenser blower,
  • Record voltage
  • Check reversing valve operation
  • Check defrost control and run through defrost cycle
  • Check all safety controls
  • Clean and flush drain line
  • Add up to .5 pounds of coolent

Romark A/C & Plumbing  recommends this 21 point system tune up for your air conditioning unit every months. Once to prepare for the summer months and again to prepare for the winter months. Preventive maintenance is always better than emergency repairs. Contact Romark A/C & Plumbing today to take advantage of this A/C tune up special.



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